I have good investments at home, why do I need a Swiss account?

Two reasons, currency and political risk. Two things we have no guarantee of, is the future value of any currency and future political stability. If you are happy to sit with these risk un-insured, then there is no need for you to read any further. If however you have sat and wondered what the landscape will look like when you come to retire, or when your children need to go to university or if you need to pack your bags and leave with little or no notice, then you are doing the right thing by exploring options. If you are bound by exchange controls, you have very few options to protect your wealth from either of these factors. However having a legal offshore account and a legal offshore structure is a sensible way to start building protection for family or your business from unforeseen risk. Your funds can be kept in any tradable currency and hedged or leveraged as per your preference. For clients with businesses that are heavily dependent on trade and export this is a very sensible option to take currency risk out of your business. Combined with a legal offshore structure then there could be added protection and tax advantages. For individuals worried about saving for children’s university education then this is something that demands closer attention. You do not want an overseas education for your children, or a nest egg for retirement or immigration to be out of reach when you most need it. There is a way to plan now for this. A Swiss bank account allows you to legally put money into a completely different legal jurisdiction, secret and secure from prying eyes. You have immediate access to a completely flexible, managed mechanism to hold your money in any major currency you want, invest on any stock exchange and invest in an almost limitless array of product, commodities and shares. That is true diversification and real safety.