Why do I need you?

For many of our clients, moving and keeping money offshore may not be something you want to advertise to your existing network of friends, lawyers, accountants and consultants. You want to keep this information from prying eyes but you need accurate and helpful information about the process of opening a Swiss bank account and you want to be taken seriously. More importantly you want a good fit between you and the new bank, somewhere where you will feel comfortable and at home. We listen and provide honest and impartial advice on all aspects of opening a Swiss account and provide guaranteed introduction to the best boutique Swiss banks in Zurich.

We have good relationships with the banks and our network and you are piggybacking on these to leverage the best service on your behalf.

Introductions made by us are pre-approved automatically. Access is guaranteed directly through to a senior banker (often a director of the bank) who will see you, understand your requirements and then go on to manage your new account. We can meet you in your home country or arrange for a visit to Switzerland to complete formalities (accounts opened online solely online, no matter what you have read – are not possible.)

Our understanding of the vetting process and the account opening procedure can cut out delays in application and help smooth the process. Often for our international clients, gaps in understanding of process and communication can cause problems. Acting as an advisory buffer, we can see and resolve issues before they arise, thus maximizing the opportunity for a positive result.