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Growing your successful business into international markets or doing business internationally? These are our typical clients. Owner/managers actively involved in the day to day running of their businesses and pushing for growth and expansion and needing their banking services to keep pace. Although domestic banks will say they offer a “one stop” service, very often in reality clients end up being farmed out to international subsidiaries where there is no direct relationship and they find it difficult to be heard. There is a lack of cohesion and very often the advice is ad hoc and piecemeal. The result is that no-one is in a position to take a holistic international view and advise and act accordingly, all via an effective single point of contact.

For most of our clients, international offshore banking expertise is bundled up with a requirement for wealth planning and wealth preservation. Often for the purchase of international property, planning for immigration or university study for children or holding funds in hard currency, drive our discussions.

Any foray into international markets should be accompanies by a sensible end effective offshore company structure. Protection of assets, legal protection and isolation of activities is wise and can assist with currency protection and hedging for international trade. For clients from countries where there are exchange control this is even more important.

Swiss bank accounts are the ultimate security. For a company the best possible combination is to link the Swiss bank account with a Swiss registered company. This can open up countless opportunities for you to access considerable tax advantages, shelter assets in an offshore jurisdiction in the most central and comfortable of locations and create infinitely flexible options for the protection and growth of the capital for the owners of the company and their families. Legal, simple and ironclad – it deserves further investigation.

As a Swiss based consultancy, we are able to mobilising the best service providers from our network and manage the ongoing relationship ensuring you get the best possible service, all through a single point of contact. You benefit from our relationships and we do all the heavy lifting allowing you to access qualified and competent resources very quickly. We act as a discreet and effective extension of your personal office based out of Europe, able to handle a large number of functions freeing up time for you to focus on business. These “soft” family office services are available as part of our offering. Make contact with us today to find out more.