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We are a Swiss based consultancy that specializes in providing introduction services to the best boutique private banks in Zurich.

Your first question may be why you need such a service, can’t you just approach the bank yourself? Of course the answer is yes, you can. However as you know, personal introductions In any business carry much more weight. Making direct contact with a private bank without any introduction is going to meet with a lot of questions and a lengthy processing time. Our relationships with the banks are established and at senior level. Every introduction we make will guarantee you a meeting with the Senior Bank Director and you will be taken seriously.

The reasons for wanting money offshore are varied and complex. Offshore centres are now commonplace and offer a wide variety of services and benefits. Opening an offshore account is simple and can often be done in a matter of hours. If this is what you are looking for, thousands of web based consultancies stand ready to take your money to provide such a service. We are not one of them. Our specialisation is in Swiss offshore solutions, specifically for emerging market clients. Whilst you may have trusted advisors in your home country, you may wish to investigate other opportunities without using these networks. We stand ready to assist you.

Our service  is aimed at discerning and serious investors who are looking for long term personal relationships and serious, focussed management of their wealth. Switzerland continues to be the gold standard by which private banking worldwide is measured. You know this – which is why you are here.

Our role is to guide and advise you based on your individual circumstances, and then to match you with a private bank that meets your requirements. We guide you through the documentation requirements and ensure minimum delay and we guarantee the meeting. All this is done in person.

Our service also includes a range of “soft” family office functions. These include  personal representation worldwide, be these for property inspections, art buying trips or auction attendance or simple confidential courier collection or delivery services. For our clients we offer a completely bespoke, personal and completely confidential one stop service.